Thank You!

Thank You!

Dear Friend,

George Washington, one of America’s greatest statesmen and military leaders, told Congress in what was his first “State of the Union” address,that to be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”

But no nation can preserve the peace without a military ready to defend that peace.  We have been blessed with such a military, and with a citizenry willing to serve the cause of liberty and of peace, even at the cost of their lives.

Today we honor those who shed their blood so that we might live in peace and enjoy the liberties enshrined in our Constitution.  This Memorial Day, let’s take the time to remember that our freedoms were purchased at great cost and that selfless American men and women in uniform still give their lives in the line of duty.

America is a free country today because of the countless patriots who gave their lives in its defense.  May we give special esteem to their memory and to their profound sacrifice on this unique American day of reflection and gratitude.  To those who made this ultimate sacrifice: America thanks you


Virginia Foxx
Join Me Today! – National Day of Prayer

Join Me Today! – National Day of Prayer

National Day of PrayerWill you join me today?

Once each year America sets aside our National Day of Prayer.   Will you lift up our nation in prayer with me today?

No matter how you feel about the direction our nation is headed, I think we can all agree that asking for God’s mercy, protection and blessing is worth doing in these tumultuous times.

If you are like me, you know that prayer changes things.  It has the power to both transform us and to move our God to action.  My prayer is that if you don’t already regularly lift up prayers for our nation that you would use today to do so.  Today could be the start of a daily habit of seeking God’s mercy and wisdom for America and her leaders.

Let’s lift our voices in prayer today, with the knowledge that God will hear and that He can heal our land.

Faithfully yours,

Virginia Foxx

Visit to learn more and join millions of Americans who are calling out to God today on behalf of our nation.

Happy Tax Day

Happy Tax Day

  • April 15, 2015
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Happy Tax Day.

Are you fed up with the complications and burdensome requirements of our tax code?  Me too.

Whether because of the onerous health care penalty taxes imposed on uninsured Americans  by Obamacare or the pages of extraneous tax forms that the IRS requires you to submit with your tax return each year, for most Americans today is a stressful and loathsome day.

It doesn’t need to be this way.  We can simplify our tax code—which is longer than the Holy Bible—and create a streamlined tax system that works for all Americans and doesn’t punish productive citizens with crushing amounts of red tape.

I support tossing our current tax code in the dust bin and starting over.  Solutions like the Fair Tax would be a great starting point.  But more importantly, we need to get to work now on a fairer, simpler tax code—and I need your input on this issue that’s so crucial to our economic vitality.

Do you agree?  If so, visit my Facebook page to share your tax stories or your thoughts on tax reform at

Together we can fix this broken, punitive tax code.