• Immigration Reform Starts (and ends) with Secure Borders

    Dear Friend, This summer an unprecedented immigration crisis began, as thousands of illegal aliens flooded across our southern border, catching the Obama administration completely unprepared. As President Obama refused to enforce our immigration laws and talked about amnesty for the countless illeg...
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  • While the world burns, Obama plays through

    While the world burns, Obama plays through Congress may be in its August recess but that doesn’t mean we are on vacation.  Over the last two weeks I have been in my district every day listening to people, responding to their concerns, and working towards real solutions.   Meanwhile the Li...
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  • Virginia Foxx Issues Senate Decision

    Foxx says she will not run for U.S. Senate FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 Contact: Aaron Groen The encouragement I’ve received to enter the race to become North Carolina’s next United States Senator is truly humbling.  But I already have the ...
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