Voter Info

Find Your Voting Location

There are early voting locations all across the Fifth Congressional District.  Visit the NC Board of Elections website for a complete list.

Request an absentee ballot

You can request an absentee ballot so that you can vote by mail.  All absentee ballot requests must be received by November 1.  Your completed absentee ballot must be received by your county board of elections by Election Day, November 8.  For more information visit the NC Board of Elections absentee by mail ballot site.

Register to Vote

Not registered to vote?  Learn about the qualifications to register to vote and how to register in North Carolina by visiting the State Board of Elections voter registration page.

Election Day Voting Sites

Find your November 8 Election Day voting site by using this simple tool.  All you need to know is the address where you are registered to vote.

Voter information

Learn more about North Carolina’s voting processes and rules.  Visit the State Board of Elections website dedicated to keeping voters informed about the electoral process.