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Virginia Foxx Announces Candidacy for Re-Election in 2022

Virginia Foxx Announces Candidacy for Re-Election in 2022  
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 13, 2021   Boone, NC—U.S.

Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC) announced today that she will run for re-election to the United States House of Representatives in North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District in 2022. Foxx made the following statement:    “In these difficult days of political turmoil, economic uncertainty and public health challenges—all of which pose real threats to our individual liberties and our American way of life—we need experienced leadership with a proven track-record of solving tough problems now more than ever.”   “People across the 5th District want a representative they know they can count on to get the job done effectively and who fights every day to implement the America First agenda our communities desperately need.

They want someone who stood with President Trump to push back on the rising tide of socialism amongst liberals in Washington, and will seek to build on his historic legacy. They also want someone who recognizes the growing culmination of threats against traditional conservative beliefs we are seeing today and will work tirelessly to ensure those threats are defeated.”   “From the unchecked power of big tech seeking to silence any opinion it deems offensive, to political extremism morphing into political violence, and a national media determined not to upset their handlers in the Democratic party; there has never been a more difficult time to be a conservative in America. 

We need leaders who don’t just talk about what they would like to accomplish, we need leaders who can actually get things done. During President Trump’s tenure in office, I led the North Carolina delegation in legislation passed with his signature that directly resulted in important policy wins such as unleashing the American energy sector, repealing harmful Obama-era regulations, and fostering more accountability in $700 billion of annual spending.”  

“My track-record is very clear: I will never waiver in my support of my constituents and our Constitution and I will proudly advocate for the common-sense, conservative principles that have been the bedrock of our district for decades. I am as energized as I have ever been to stand up for my life-long neighbors in Western North Carolina, as well as the ideals we share of limited government and individual liberty. I will continue to promote these ideals, which are essential to our future flourishing as a nation.”   “Folks across western North Carolina know me very well. They know my tireless work ethic in pursuit of what is right for our district and my dedication to the beliefs they hold dear. I am proud of my reputation as a problem-solver who listens to my constituents and serves to represent their interests above any personal ambition or benefit.”  

“Representing so many wonderful North Carolinians in Congress is easily the greatest honor of my life. That’s why I will continue to work tirelessly to represent the 5th District in Congress and strive to give each one of my constituents a chance to achieve the American dream. I am so grateful to the many people who already supported my campaign in the opening months of 2021, putting us in a strong position to compete and take back the House in 2022.”   “I am humbled to serve the people of North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District, and I am excited to run again in 2022 against anyone who may toss a hat in the ring.”